Lord’s Larder – Food Donations Needed

Please help your local food bank at a time when it is experiencing unprecedented demand.

Galhampton Church supports the Yeovil-based Lord’s Larder Food Bank and a box is left outside the church for suitable donations to be deposited in.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown commenced in mid-March the Lord’s Larder has seen an unprecedented rise in demand, tripling overnight. 1,104 people were helped in March, compared to 407 for the whole of February. As a result, the Larder urgently needs greater food donations.

The Lord’s Larder Food Bank is a local ‘bank’ of non-perishable food operated by volunteers from churches in and around Yeovil since 1991. It is part of the Yeovil Christian Support Trust charity whose objective is the relief of hardship and poverty in South Somerset and North and West Dorset. In 2019, over 91,000 items of food were given out via 60 different agencies to help 6,231 local people.

The Larder is currently short of the following items:

Tins of Soup
Tins of Macaroni Cheese
Tins of Spaghetti
Tins of Baked Beans
Tins of Hot Dogs
Tins of Curry or Chilli Con Carne
Tinned Carrots
Tinned Peas
Jars of Coffee
Tins of Fruit
Any spare Food Carrier Bags

Please give whatever help you can. Donations can also be made.

See the Lord’s Larder website for more details.

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